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Andreas C Chrysafis There are alarming developments that Turkey may become the next unstable country in the region with messy consequences. Primarily, there are two reasons for that: the twenty five million persecuted ethnic and stateless Kurdish people that seek autonomy; and the Erdogan regime transforming the country into a theocratic state. In fact, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is on the ... Read More »

Revolution of the Mind: EU – Turkish Bazaar

Andreas C Chrysafis Recently, the IMF EU -Troika team visited the occupied area of Cyprus to study and ascertain the costs of the illegal airport in preparation for the enormous loans Cyprus would require to meet the “reunification” costs of the island. Turkey indicated that she may consider contributing a portion of the cost but only if a settlement suits ... Read More »

REVOLUTION OF THE MIND: G20 And Double Standards

By Andreas C Chrysafis Out of the G20 Summit came a most profound statement; one that exposed how insincere world powers have become! If the Summit had been the gathering of great minds dedicated to resolving great social issues the world would have become a better place to live in. Instead, behind the facade of such gatherings, an ungodly arrogance ... Read More »

VANISHING CYPRUS: “Bellows for Justice in Cyprus”

By Andreas C Chrysafis November, 2014 (No62) © No one seems to hear the bellowing echoes for justice in Cyprus. Ever since the Turkish military invasion of the island (1974) trapped citizens keep asking why and what is happening to their country…! Why has this elusive justice evaded the island for so many years? Is it because Justice is selective ... Read More »