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“It is our fault that there are people who do not know Christ”

Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol - Cyprus 01

Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol talks about end times, trust in God and the mission of Church How unique are our times? How to overcome spiritual weakness? What to do if you don’t have an experienced spiritual father? How to pray and support the mission of Church? What is contemporary monasticism? Why must married people read paterikons? Well-known Greek preacher, Metropolitan ... Read More »

Repentance, the Fourth Mystery

This article “On Repentance” is from the well known Treasury of Orthodoxy (chapter 18) of Bishop Theophilos of Campania (1749-1795). By Bishop Theophilos of Campania *1. Repentance wipes out post-baptismal sins Spiritual Master: O my child, we were reborn with  holy baptism, we were armed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit through Chrismation and the divine grace of the ... Read More »

11th Sunday of Matthew – A Parable on Forgiveness

Matthew 18:23-35 Dearly beloved, it was Socrates who once said that: “False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil”. Yet I tell you that one of the greatest evils that confronts each and every person upon this planet, (which echoes this wise saying of Socrates); is when we falsely seek forgiveness and merely ... Read More »

A Song of Repentance: The Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete

Introduction The experience of Lent is a spiritual journey whose purpose is to transfer us from one spiritual state to another, a dynamic passage. For this reason the church commences Lent with the great repentance Canon of St Andrew of Crete. This  repentant lamentation conveys to us the scope and depth of sin, shaking the soul with despair, repentance, and ... Read More »