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REVOLUTION OF THE MIND: The Demise Of The Republic

Andreas C Chrysafis October 19, 2015   Strong words indeed! Yet, a political entrapment has begun with fervour.  The current events are very disturbing. The Anastasiades government has abandoned its mandate to protect the Republic of Cyprus and has decided to replace it with some unknown entity. Negotiations are under way to do just that; it is called Bi Zonal, ... Read More »

REVOLUTION OF THE MIND: Refugee Invasion or Stratagem?

The depressing sight of the endless exodus of migrants attempting to enter Europe raises serious questions as to why the sudden but spontaneous mass movement of thousands upon thousands of people coming from Turkey’s refugee holding camps and why now? The tide of more than 45,000 migrants entering EU crossings each day appear well organized and displays that the crowds ... Read More »


Alexander the Great was and still is considered to be the greatest General ever lived. His battle strategy and remarkable war techniques are studies to this very day but what he is most admired for it’s his leadership; his troops were ready to give up their lives for him and one asks why? It is very simple: his people loved ... Read More »


I was just about to go to bed when the telephone rung in the middle of the night. I picked it up and a strange laughter was in full swing on the other end of the line. It was so loud that I was quite shocked. “Who is this idiot”, I thought and banged the phone down. It rung again ... Read More »


By Andreas C Chrysafis January 1, 2015 (No 67) © Many people would make New Year’s resolutions and hardly any of them will be kept or come to fruition. One may say, “so be it”. And so, life goes on full of broken promises. In fact Cypriot citizens are drowned by such promises that never materialize: The EU promised us ... Read More »

VANISHING CYPRUS: “Revolution of the Mind”

By Andreas C Chrysafis November, 2014 (No 64) © Many times people have questioned me for advocating a mythical revolution. The reality of the matter remains that nothing changes unless people speak out and I am therefore pleased to see that finally a “Revolution of the Mind” is slowly taking root! It’s happening and changing Cyprus for the better. Things ... Read More »