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Gender Ideology – What are we teaching our children?

The Gender Fairy - Children's Book pushing LGBTI agenda

New Sexuality Education Many of our schools are teaching our children a new sexuality and gender ideology which has been around for some time in academia but has recently been introduced into our schools and has become more obvious because of the Same Sex Marriage debate and because of the controversy surrounding the Safe Schools Coalition Program. This new sexuality ... Read More »

All of Us – Analysis

Queer-theory_Lesson 1 Sexual Identity

  You’re Teaching Our Children What? – 12 June 2016 There are 8 lessons in the teaching resource, “All of Us” which includes; 7 videos of LGBTI young people Slogans which are called the building blocks of identity, declared as unquestioned truths and repeated in different ways throughout the 8 lesson Lesson activities which create empathy and engage students with ... Read More »

Andrew’s government goes all out to implement gay sex education in Victorian schools

Daniel Andrews - The Unwitting friend of Paedophiles?

Hostilities over the Safe Schools program have reignited ahead of the election, with Victoria walking away from federal funds to openly defy Malcolm Turnbull’s attempts to amend the controversial curriculum. After declaring Victoria would go it alone to make the program mandatory in every secondary school, the Andrews government will launch a new web page on Sunday providing access to ... Read More »