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How will the US Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Decision affect Religious Liberty?

On Friday, five justices affirmed LGBT Americans’ Constitutional right to wed. The other four foreshadowed the major conflicts over religious freedom that are about to begin. For a long time, supporters of gay marriage in the U.S. were in the minority. As early as last year, that started changing, and now, a solid majority of Americans support same-sex unions. As ... Read More »

Five Unelected US Judges overrule majority on Marriage

Yesterday’s decision by five US Supreme Court judges completed the undemocratic march to redefining marriage in America, the Australian Christian Lobby said today. “Australians should be thankful that our High Court has not resorted to divisive undemocratic judicial activism on marriage,” ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said. “If Australian activists for redefining marriage believe in democratic principles they will take ... Read More »

Gay Lobby attacks Australian religious schools arguing that teaching Christian marriage is likely to be illegal

Rodney Croome’s ongoing attempt to censor children’s access to information about marriage is further evidence of the extreme intolerance of his political agenda to redefine marriage and the family. “Anyone who values the freedom of Australians to believe and publicly speak about our current definition of marriage should be very concerned about attempts to redefine in it legislation,” Australian Christian ... Read More »

Australian Roman Catholic Church attacks corporate same-sex marriage supporters

The Roman Catholic Church in Sydney has launched an attack on corporations that publicly support same sex marriage. It called advertising drives by corporations for marriage equality “cashed-up, activist-driven media campaigns” and made veiled threats about the church’s purchasing power. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney business manager Michael Digges wrote to at least some of the companies that supported marriage ... Read More »

Legalising gay unions is prelude to ‘group marriage’

Michelle Grattan reporting Date: October 4, 2012 FEDERAL opposition spokesman on families Kevin Andrews has warned that legalising same-sex marriage could lead to an acceptance of group marriage. In his book Maybe ‘I do’: Modern marriage and the pursuit of happiness, out today, Mr Andrews also says that the assertion that redefining marriage will not affect other marriages is misplaced. He ... Read More »