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The Life of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia

By St. Dimitri of Rostov The great wonder-worker, swift helper of those in need, and fervent intercessor before God, Christ’s holy hierarch Nicholas, was born in Patara, a city in the province of Lycia. His parents were honourable, well-born, wealthy folk and were Orthodox. Nicholas’ father was named Theophanes and his mother Nonna. Dwelling together in lawful wedlock, they were adorned with every virtue. ... Read More »

The 9 Martyrs of Cyzicus (Kyzikos)

On the 28th April, we commemorate the memories of Thaumasius, Theognes, Rufus, Antipater, Theostichus, Artemas, Magnus, Theodotus, and Philemon. The city of Cyzicus which presently lies in ruins next to the modern town of Panormos (Bandirma) is located on the southern shore of the Marmara Sea in Asia Minor (Turkey). In its heyday it was a major centre of agriculture, ... Read More »