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By Athanasios Zoetakis (Translation by OrthoChristian.com) PART 1 In 1714, in the small mountain town of Megalo Dendro in Aetolia,[1] a boy was born. Little could anyone have guessed that this child would someday become not only a great Orthodox saint, but also a historical figure, who would determine to a great extent the fate of the Balkan region. Little is ... Read More »

Saint Kosmas the Aetolian as a Missionary

+By Metropolitan Augustinos (Kantiotes) of Florina *(1.) INTRODUCTION A holy anniversary has recently been celebrated in Greece: this past 24th of August marked the passage of 180 years from the very day on which a glorious son of a Northern Epirian village on the shore of the Apsus River, next to the city of Veratios, finished the course of his ... Read More »


My dearly beloved, The Lord wants to protect us from great calamities as well as the dangers of the Final Judgement, He bestowed one particular teaching essential for protecting and saving us. What is this teaching I am referring to? Simply that to do on to others what you would expect them to do to you, for if you do not ... Read More »

St. Kosmas Aitolos on the Holy Apostles

By St. Kosmas the Aetolian Just as a ruler who has fields and vineyards hires workers, so our Lord Jesus Christ has us as a vineyard. He took twelve Apostles and blessed them and sent them to the whole world. And if men wish to live well and in peace here in this vain world, the most gracious God will ... Read More »

St Kosmas the Aetolian “Teaching Selection 1”

Meditate upon the Scriptures, for within them you shall find eternal life. Our Lord, Jesus Christ my dear brethren, is the sweetest Master and Creator of all the Angels, and all the Noetic and sensible/perceptible beings which came forth from the depths of His mercy, immense goodness and boundless love, on which He has bestowed upon all of humanity, and ... Read More »

Saint Kosmas Aitolos (1714-1779) Feast Day on the 24th August

SAINT  KOSMAS AITOLOS Seventeen centuries after St. Paul journeyed across Greece, a solitary man of God travelled the same country from border to border, sea to sea, and island to island in a magnificent religious spirit, which strengthened the fires of Christianity and the flickering hopes of a nation, that was straining under the yoke of Turkish occupation after nearly ... Read More »