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Saint Paisios the Cappadocian: The devil has no power

— Geronda(Elder), my thoughts tell me that now more than ever the devil has great power. – The devil has malice and hatred but he does not have power. It is God’s love that is all-powerful. The devil tries to appear powerful but he can’t make it. He appears strong but in reality he is powerless. Many of his destructive schemes ... Read More »

Elder Paisios: On Forced and False Repentance

– Elder, Abba Isaac writes, “No kind of repentance that takes place after the removal of our free will will be a well-spring of joy, nor will it be reckoned for the reward of those who possess it.” How can anyone repent without exercising his own free will? – One may be forced to repent, having fallen in the eyes ... Read More »

Saint Paisios on Humbleness and Patience

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” (Jc 4:6) Father Paisios used to say: – When we patiently endure our problems and turn to God for help, we notice that He gives us the best possible solution. Unfortunately, in our days, people are very impatient. We do not love patience at all. Christ assured us, however, that ... Read More »

Saint Paisios: “A Christian Must Not Be Fanatical”

By Elder Paisios the Athonite A Christian must not be fanatical; he must have love for and be sensitive towards all people. Those who inconsiderately toss out comments, even if they are true, can cause harm. I once met a theologian who was extremely pious, but who had the habit of speaking to the secular people around him in a ... Read More »