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The following teaching is taken from the personal memoirs of one of Greece’s most celebrated and erudite holy elders, Fr Philotheos Zervakos. In the following account, Elder Philotheos recalls to memory his visit to Aegina to find his spiritual father, the blessed St Netarios of Pentapolis. Upon his arrival to the monastery he observes an elderly man working, not recognising ... Read More »

St. Nectarios of Pentapolis speaks to future priests

The following is taken from an address given by St. Nectarios when he was first assigned dean of Rizarios Ecclesiastical School. “My children, in each of you there exists a future priest, an important element of the history and future life of our suffering country. You should be proud to wear your cassocks (anteri). Pray to the Almighty that He ... Read More »

Sacred Catechism of the Eastern Orthodox Church the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church

By ST. NEKTARIOS OF PENTAPOLIS Translated from the Greek original by Protopresbyter George Dion. Dragas PhD, DD, DTh Introduction CHAPTER I Concerning the Sacred Catechism 1. What is a Catechism; and what is a Sacred Catechism? A Catechism is teaching about divine things. Sacred Catechism is the teaching of the Church of Christ, through which those Christians who have been already catechized and ... Read More »