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By Peter E. Gillquist Source: http://thechristianactivist.com (Published by Conciliar Press 1987) Is it safe to say that no woman in history is more misunderstood by modern Christendom than the Virgin Mary? And it is also probable that in a discussion concerning Mary between two Christians, if their differences remain unresolved, most likely it will be due to differing interpretations of ... Read More »

The Holy Monastery of Saint George and Panagia of Yellow Rock

By Andrew Mellas (Source: Greek-Australian Vema – September 2012) “Monasteries came into being even in the mountains and the desert was made a city by monks…” (Saint Athanasius, Life of Saint Antony). A declaration made many centuries ago about monks living in Egypt can echo through space and time, finding its way to the Antipodes, treading the soil of a ... Read More »