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Vasilopita (St Basil’s Bread)

One of the most beautiful and inspiring traditions and customs of the Greek Orthodox Church is the observance of Vasilopita. It is this annual family observance, together with many other traditions of our Church, which joins our Orthodox Faith and heritage with the history of the Christian religion itself. The word Vasilopita is a compound Greek word which means the ... Read More »

Vasilopita – The Saint Basil’s Bread

During the Feast of the 12 Days of the Nativity (Dodecaimeron), we celebrate the not so well known feast of the Circumcision of Christ. Unfortunately the pagan new year of Sol Invictus has become a global phenomenon which has overshadowed the celebration, meaning, beauty and traditions of the Feast of the Circumcision, and splitting Dodecaimeron into disjointed parts. We often ... Read More »