Well…let me tell you something! I have come to the conclusion that Cyprus deserves what it has coming to it! It’s biggest enemy are its own citizens who hardly give a damn what happens to it because they fail to stand up and protect their rights and neither this beautiful island of ours.

The government has plans to allow a private company to start a massive Quarry Operation in the heart of AKAMAS peninsula at the threat of wildlife; the centuries-old Petrakis Gorge and the destruction of the famous Akamas Natural Park overwhelmed with over 1200 species of flowers, ancient trees and wild bird-life with its pristine environment not found elsewhere.

The excuse: “Cyprus needs the quarry operation for growth and boulders to build marinas, and sea breakers for tourism and the construction industry; a pathetic cop out in my mind! There are many other alternatives if they cared to to look across Europe and learn from to preserve their heritage! But serving political interests are more important than the environment.

At a public meeting at Neon Chorion Municipal Community last night, the hall was packed by 2/3 Expats and 1/3 Cypriots. Where were the people of Neon Chorion? They hid away as not to take a stand in case they lose another chance of making profits selling their land to developers – already a golf-course has been designated and fenced off!

Government officials Mr Stelios Michael form the Mines Department & Quarrying and Mr Christodoulos Hadjigeorgiou, Senior Geological Officer for creating quarry zones were present to “inform” the community how important the new Akamas Quarry is for Cyprus – after all, (they emphasized on numerous occasions) Paphos was build by the quarry operation of Androlikou! Everyone knows how pathetic such an argument was; one only has to drive by and see the destruction such strip quarrying does to the air and local environment.

The officials offered no alternatives of seeking other means (like most other European countries would do) the simply came to convince the public and not to listen of their concerns or their opinion; in fact the decision has already been taken in secret but came to justify the unjustifiable.

This is how Cyprus works: NO public consultation and NO transparency. Is this democracy or simply elected dictatorship?

A “political decision”, was made without public consultation by committee of faceless “experts” deciding the fate of Akamas behind closed doors and there was no need for public consultation or to seek out other alternatives – the Big Brother has approved it and that therefore it makes it alright!

That’s Cyprus today! Do I feel upset about Akamas? You bet I do and I hope we can stop this madness before it gets off the ground…there is still some time left and I hope the electorate takes up this issue with those parliamentary candidates and their Kommata. Will they do that? I very much doubt it…


Andreas C Chrysafis
Author, Writer, Artist
April 10, 2016

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