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After last week’s Referendum euphoria authorizing the Tsipras government to negotiate with the Eurogroup on the premise not to accept additional Mnimonios, I felt proud to be a Greek! I truly believed that Greece would shine again and protect the people against a cleptocratic banking system that has ruined the nation and brought misery to millions. I also believed that finally the Greek Gods are back to govern Greece and show the world what Direct Democracy it’s all about.

This New Democracy promised to clean out the stables of a plutocratic elite and change things for the better but also protect citizens from this new world order namely the IFM EU-Troika and Eurogroup that does not recognize parliamentary decisions, referendums or even the principle of democracy!

How could I have been so wrong and so blind not to see that all those fancy words were simply a charade? The astounding election of the Tsipras government brought back the dignity and pride of the Greek nation and offered them hope for a better future but sadly, those dreams were shattered last night.

Just as the president of Cyprus claimed “they put a gun at his head” and had to sign the death warrant of democracy so did Tsipras. Mr. Tsipras behaved even worse; he received people’s trust with an overwhelming mandate in a Referendum – that was amazing! The whole world believed that this is democracy in action against injustice! Today citizens feel betrayed; betrayed by political charlatans who promise one thing and do the opposite to maintain the status quo.

The excuse was – there was no other choice! Rubbish! The Greeks of 1821 faced worse catastrophe and won the day; the EOKA fighters faced a formidable enemy but did not give up and fought for justice. Today no one seems to fight for justice but deviously fight to protect a plutocratic elite and a cozy relationship of a corrupt system at the expense of ordinary citizens and the country.

Greece the land that gave the world democracy has now become the land that has buried democracy for good in exchange of money.

From this day on the EU would operate as a new world order that does not recognize the principle of democracy and would not allow dissent or any opposition to its policies; policies dictated by unaccountable bankers, the Eurogroup and unelected Eurocrats.

Greece has now lost its sovereignty as free nation. And just like Cyprus those economic assassins would never let go. They have now dug their sharp claws deep into the very psyche of the Greek nation and as of this morning, the EU – but especially Germany- and the IMF gleam with joy for making the biggest political and economic coup in history to subjugate a nation and bloat their coffers with profits at the expense and misery of the Greek people and the new Greek generations not born yet.

Today I certainly do not feel a proud Greek…

Andreas Chrysafis 

Andreas C Chrysafis

July 16, 2015



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