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By Andreas C Chrysafis

July, 2015 (No 77) ©

Bennett editorial cartoon

The election of the Tsipras government has triggered a massive headache for the Eurogroup in fear it may inspire others across the Eurozone. They had to destroy it and dark forces lurking in the shadows put a devious plan into action – debt dependency; a dependency so ugly that would demand – for the first time ever – the hand over of Greece’s sovereignty!

What that means is that Greece is to hand over to a Luxemburg Trust Fund – set up and managed by the Eurogroup – 50 Billion of state assets into the fund to be administered and sell off those assets to International Hedge Funds in repayment of the loan. Part of those assets for sale would involve Natural Resources, Ports Authorities, Power Plants, Communications, Properties and more. One can only imagine what would happen if Turkey buys and controls those assets.

Once in place, this brutal economic sleight of hand by the Eurogroup would serve as a warning to other EU member-states that a similar punishment awaits them if they attempt to destabilize the Eurozone – harsh new realities indeed.

Tsipras was bullied into submission. In fact no real negotiations took place but a charade of sorts that continued until the timing was right for the kill. Eurogroup offered one choice: take the entire package or Greece dies! Such a brutal blackmailing tactic has never been applied before against another EU member except for one – Cyprus, but Cyprus was a push over with no leadership!

The introduction of a referendum in Greece offered the Eurogroup the perfect opportunity for the European Central Bank to proceed with its plan and move in for the kill – it cut off ELA to Greece and shut the Greek banks indefinitely until Tsipras agreed to the Eurogroup’s terms and conditions. One may argue the legality of an Agreement if signed under such ruthless duress.

People were trapped; Tsipras was trapped – he did not anticipate this cunning move! If he had listened to Mr. Yianis Varoufakis’ advice his finance minister from the beginning for a well-organized Grexit, the Eurogroup would not have been in a position to blackmail Greece and its economic coup would have fizzled out.

Today, the EU has gone one step further; maximum control over member states using fiscal policies! It created the Eurogroup/Troika as its foot soldiers by giving them more powers than the Commission or the EU Parliament itself. Those people are not accountable to anyone given that the Eurogroup does not exist in law, so they do not keep minutes of meetings and all decisions are highly confidential and no citizens knows what has been said. So a non-existent group has the powers to determine the lives of all Europeans.

In fact the Eurogroup is on a ruthless Economic Crusade. It uses not weapons but poison loans to control nations through a new type of domination. It has the overwhelming support of the Nordic states but especially of Germany. It is financed and supported by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) made up of 29 Financial World Banking Conglomerates such as the Rothschild Group, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC and others. They have discovered that using loans to subjugate countries is deadlier than religion.

The negotiations for the past five months have in fact been a farce and revealed dark motives lurking behind the EU happy family. The head of this brand of Economic Triad (IMF EU-Troika) is none other than the German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble with his watchdog Jeroen Dijsselbloem the Dutch finance minister and Christine Lagarde, director of the (IMF) International Monetary Fund. They are the sentinels of the banking conglomerates!

The well-orchestrated scam against Greece has been a classic economic coup to say the least: It has been revealed that the IMF produced a report that the Greek national debt of 327Billion would require debt relief and it’s not serviceable; not unless cropped and yet that report was kept secret so the Economic Triad could prepare its devious sting. It was revealed by the Greek government that secret meetings were held between the IMF-EU Troika, the French and their German counterparts including other high officials to agree and transfer all toxic loans of their Greek corporate customers worth 100 Billion onto the Greek National Debt – just like they did with Laiki Bank in Cyprus. In order for the scam to work Greece’s national debt had to be “declared serviceable”. By declaring Greece’s debt as serviceable and extending new loans to a bankrupt state, meant that the Greek taxpayer would be forced to pay the 100 Billion toxic debts so French and German Banks including some Greek banks would not write off their customers’ toxic loans. Perfect scam indeed! To make the case convincing they doctored the GDP figures in their report. A vary cunning and illegal piece of thievery of a grand scale!

The Speaker of the Greek Parliament, Zoi Konstatopoulou threw a bombshell against the international lenders, politicians in the know and the EU including media moguls who were aware of the sting and kept quite in the hope it would stick. Her revelations shocked everyone!

Never in history such sleight of hand by the “banking pillars of society” has been used to save European banks and pass on the cost to a small economically vulnerable country and its taxpayers. One wonders why some countries still retain links with such economic assassins and don’t kick them out as Hungary did to the IMF and also Iceland and Russia by telling them to vacate their offices in their countries.

But this economic artistry was part of the Eurogroup/Troika’s grand master plan. All they had to do was to find the ideal scapegoats and test the feasibility potential of their plan. It was not by co-incidence that Cyprus and Greece were chosen; they were perfect candidates! Those nations turned a blind eye to tax evasion, corruption was ripe, nepotism was at its height and transparency meant nothing and had a strong banking system. Above all else the government could easily be manipulated with the right “incentives”.

The Eurogroup’s grand master plan was launched against Cyprus first and then Greece. In Cyprus, Troika introduced its bail-in robbery and in Greece sovereignty abandonment! Those two extraordinary demands by Eurogroup in exchange for loans have never been applied before. Now that Troika’s scheme has proven successful one can be certain the plan will be used against other countries and Mr. Jeroen Dijsselbloem mentioned it in not so many words.

The Eurogroup has now demonstrated that it has absolute powers over the decision making process within the Eurozone. Banking dark forces have been allowed to develop an economic system using virtual-money and allowed to manipulate interest rates and print money at will and answer to no one.

Make no mistake; if those banking institutions successfully destroy the principle of democracy as they have tried to do in Greece and replace it with debtaucracy, the Greek people will be enslaved for years to come. It would be prudent to get out of this Eurozone controlled by such economic charlatans.

In fact Greece should launch High Court proceedings in The Hague against Germany and against high-ranking EU and Eurozone officials for the role they played in the catastrophe of Greece. Charges of corruption that involve German conglomerates such as Siemens, OTE, the submarine bribes scandal, tax evasion, bribery and government negligence should be prosecuted and not be ignored.

It is however encouraging to note that Mr. Tsipras has indicated that Greece plans to launch a claim against Germany for 280 billion Euros (Greece General Accounting Office) in reparations for the Nazi occupation; repayment of the cash stolen from the Greek Banks; compensation for war crimes of 20.000 civilians; claim for the occupation costs to maintain the occupying German troops in Greece; cash loans to fund Nazi campaigns in north Africa and other war claims. Berlin is not happy with those charges at all.

Actually the European Union in its present metamorphosis does not work. It never did work and the Greek Gods are very angry; angry because they feel betrayed. For the first time ever they are about to lash back against EU cleptocracy to defend peoples’ rights.

In fact, Greece and Cyprus do not need the EU. An exit from the Eurozone means getting back one’s own currency and the freedom to govern the nation and not to be subjugated by faceless Eurocrats! That cannot be wrong!

 Andreas Chrysafis

Author – Writer – Artist

20 July 2015



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