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Artichoke pie

Fresh pastry for this autumn warmer artichoke pie INGREDIENTS: For the filling 8 medium-sized artichokes 6 spring onions 250g roughly grated regatto cheese 100g ricotta cheese or anthotiro 1 free range egg 1 tablespoon butter 100ml olive oil 100ml milk 1 tablespoon sesame seeds A few leaves of mint Salt and pepper For the filo pastry 300g wheat flour 100g ... Read More »

Recipe: Briam/Tourlou Tourlou

The name “briam” is probably a Turkish word for this dish, as the name in Greek is “Tourlou Tourlou”, which is a colloquial phrase for “mix up”. This dish is normally cooked in the summertime in Greece as it is made up of fresh vegetables. People often ask what are the key elements that make it taste so nice, and ... Read More »

Sugar could rot your memory. So, how long does it take to reverse?

By Liam Mannix (Science Reporter) 4 May 2018 – The Age Newspaper   Fuzzy memory? Your sugar intake might be to blame. Sugar-packed soft-drinks aren’t just bad for our teeth and waistline, new scientific theories suggest they may also be affecting our memory. Recent Australian trials suggest that sugary drinks appear to have a significant effect on memory in animals. We ... Read More »

Karidopita (Walnut Cake)

Ingredients: 250 grams of unsalted, softened butter 1 cup of caster sugar 6 egg yolks a ‘shot’ of cognac or brandy juice and zest of 1 orange 300 grams of ground walnuts (make sure they are not too fine – you want a few chunky pieces in there) 2 cups of breadcrumbs or crushed dried rusks 3 teaspoons of ground ... Read More »

‘Really worrying’: Anaesthetic affects children’s brains

By Liam Mannix 28 April 2018 – The Age Newspaper General anaesthetic might be bad for children’s brains – but poverty, poor nutrition or delaying life-saving surgery is much worse, say experts. An alarming new Australian study published this week linked a dose of ‘general’ anaesthetic with a small but significant dip in school performance and brain development for thousands ... Read More »

Recipe: Cretan almond orange cake

This Cretan recipe is perfect with a cup of tea Ingredients: 3 oranges 9 eggs 1 tablespoons of orange zest 1 cup castor sugar 3 cups almond meal 3/4 cup rice flour 1- teaspoon baking powder _________________________________________________________ Ingredients for syrup: Juice and zest of one orange 1/3 cup sugar 1/3 cup water __________________________________________________________ Method: 1. Place oranges in a saucepan ... Read More »

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia: Paschal Encyclical 2018

STYLIANOS By the grace of God Archbishop of Australia to the Reverend Clergy and the devout Faithful of our Holy Archdiocese ************* Brother Concelebrants and Beloved children in the Lord, Christ is Risen! “Today a sacred Pascha has been revealed to us; a Pascha new and holy, a Pascha mystical, a Pascha all-venerable, Pascha, the Redeemer Christ himself; a Pascha ... Read More »