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Elder Photios of Mysia

On the Ills of Scholastic Theologians : Elder Photios of Mysia

The musings of academic, so-called theologians, tire me, for they speak to the mind but not to the entire being of the human person. One wonders whether they have constructed a new tower of Babel, for they are excited by the different elucidations of the Faith and its spiritual life that have occurred throughout the ages, as if they were ... Read More »

Elder Photios of Mysia: Concerning Politics

Once there was a Turkish gentleman who was an advisor to the governor of Iconium (Konya), who had journeyed to visit a childhood friend who lived in Panormos (Bandirma). The nature of the visit was to seek the advice of his trusted friend on a matter of grave importance to his master. The friend in question had taken him to ... Read More »

Elder Photios of Mysia: Teaching on the Episcopacy

Prologue With the invasion and colonisation of the Turks within the lands of Asia Minor, a very dark epoch descended upon the indigenous inhabitants of the region, in 1453, whose tyranny still continues until today. It is hoped that with the present democratisation of Turkey which has begun to enfranchise the common Turk with the right to express himself will also ... Read More »